Alyssa Morrow

I am a graduate student in the RISELab and YosefLab at the University of California Berkeley, advised by Anthony Joseph and Nir Yosef. My research interests lie at the intersection of systems and computational biology. This involves building scalable systems and algorithms to process and compute on all that 'omnics data.


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Cell Systems

Mango: Exploratory Data Analysis for Large-Scale Sequencing Datasets

Morrow A., He G., Nothaft F.A., Tu E., Paschall J., Joseph A.D., Yosef N.


AWS Big Data Blog

Exploratory data analysis of genomic datasets using ADAM and Mango with Apache Spark on Amazon EMR


Convolutional Kitchen Sinks for Transcription Factor Binding Site Prediction

Alyssa Morrow*, Vaishaal Shankar*, Devin Petersohn, Anthony Joseph, Benjamin Recht, Nir Yosef